Healthy cooking for children (CD included)

Podatki o knjigi: 24 x 30 cm, 118 strani

All the love for children in a cookbook

Emilija Pavlič raised a monument to cooks

The book “Za otroke kuhajmo zdravo” (Healthy cooking for Children) is something special: because it is the only manual on alimentation of children from their earliest age to adulthood, because it takes into consideration all the principles of healthy and Slovene traditional food, because it also offers a variegated range of menus for schools, kindergartens and for households and because with a book you also get a very useful floppy disc. And there is something even more special about this book - its author Emilija PAVLIČ.

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Mommy, Teach Me How to Cook

Podatki o knjigi: 22 x 28 cm, 182 strani

bestintheworldIn a flood of modern cook books this book by Emilija Pavlič stands out. She tells us how healthy life with “live” food that grows around us is. She guides us through the seasons and accompanies us as we travel through the amazing variety provided by nature’s heavily laden table each month.

Seasonal food is the law of healthy living in Emilija’s eyes since the human species through evolution adapted to the changing seasons and the local conditions for survival. Naturally a vegetable garden is a must considering healthy food only grows in healthy soil. Homemade food is our doctor. In this book Emilija takes the role of a teacher at the primary school of cooking and of an expert at the university of natural food which is why both children and adults, housewives and cooking professors can learn from her.

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